oh my we got snow again yesterday - geez the weather is just so whacky this year.
I took this photograph of piper last week and realized she still has her puffy cheeks, I hope they never go away.  


this past weekend the family and I met with j's parents at the bruce mill conservation area to check out the maple syrup festival and we were not the only ones taking advantage of the gorgeous weather. we had to wait in line to just park.

we walked the trails, sampled maple syrup that was being boiled over an open fire and the kids partook in some of the activities they had.  it's always nice to take a short drive away from the busy city and also to spend time with family.

each day the renos of our building is taking shape which is making j and I really happy and I remember being told as a kid constantly that if you work hard it pays off and the result of this reno shows us the result of all those long hours and I can't wait to enjoy the new spaces and we wouldn't be here without all of you who believed in us and supported us through the years - thank you so much !!


if you're local - come to this event and say hi
lots of great makers!


I just added some new pouches and wallets


the online shop has been updated  
I will have the snap wallets posted on the weekend

have a wonderful weekend!


hello there,
thanks so much to all the folks that came to support us at the craft show.  I am pretty exhausted and will spend monday organizing, cleaning and taking photos.  there will be a big shop update on all the things I was giving you a peek of on instagram.

I hope you are enjoying the warmer temps and hopefully it will get warmer each day.

have a great start to your week and chat soon


next week is the ONE OF A KIND SHOW 
come visit us at booth I11
here is a link to a coupon code for $3 off

see you soon !!


when j and I visit different cities - one of our favourite things to do is go visit their gardens
a few of our favourites being kew gardens in london jardi botanic in barcelona

but near where we live there is a few that is also beautiful like the royal botanical garden and even allan gardens in downtown toronto

this place was a nice escape from the cold and to get inspiration

as you can see in the last photo, piper had enough of my tons of picture taking


hi there
I hope you had a nice weekend
even though it was a bit chilly I feel like the weather is going to start looking up
on saturday we trekked to hamilton to visit my sister's new baby emma
before we went - the crownflora boys and the family went to the royal botanical gardens - more pics later in the week.

I think that photo of emma looking at lliam is too funny - he was unsure about holding her and that expression looks like she felt the same. I think emma and piper will have fun growing up together, as you can see they both love pink.

I think going to visit a greenhouse helped my winter blahs - I recommend anyone who's feeling that way do the same.  I think we will have to visit when it's nicer out - so that we can check out the grounds.

I hope you have a great start to your week - we have one more week of production before the spring craft show and it's going to be a race to finish.


yesterday with the snow storm - we mostly stayed indoors keeping warm 
the kids are great at playing and entertaining themselves -  you will always find lliam building with lego and piper tending to her "babies".

I am hoping that next week I will be complaining about something other than being cold :-)


I find when you have kids there are some limitations when you go out to the movies
it's hard not to watch cartoons - piper is still really little that just sitting in a dark loud theatre freaks her out, recently some of the movies we saw were the lego movie (which had some adult humour that flew over their heads) but the storyline kept them entertained till the end.  last night we went to go see the wind rises and it was a beautiful and touching film and the animation was so beautiful.  I would definitely recommend both.


I took this photo last week
in hopes that it would conjure feelings of spring
I hope it does for you :-)